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Do I Have A Roof Insurance Claim?

If your home’s roof leaks (or shows other visible signs of damage), you might have a justified reason to file an insurance claim. Before contacting your insurance company, touch base with an established roofing contractor to perform a comprehensive inspection. Call Titan Roofing today to schedule your free roof inspection.

Shingle roof in Flathead valley courtesy of Titan Roofing
Shingle roof in Flathead valley courtesy of Titan Roofing
Curbside view of a yellow and green home with a shingle roof courtesy of Titan Roofing
Curbside view of a yellow and green home with a shingle roof courtesy of Titan Roofing

Filing A Roof Insurance Claim

Following a thorough roofing inspection, you reasonably determine that your roof’s damage is covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. What next? File a claim. How? To minimize potential issues, work closely with your roofing contractor to ensure your insurance company addresses everything properly while processing the claim.

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Let’s Schedule A Time To Connect

Let’s Schedule A Time To Connect

Processing A Homeowners
Insurance Claim

Simply incurring damage to your roof does not automatically mean you have valid grounds to file an insurance claim. Most insurance policies cover roof damage due to wind, fire, hail, and falling objects. However, insurance companies routinely may deny coverage for situations where your roof is too old, you failed to maintain your roof reasonably, or you delayed too long in filing a claim.

Frequently, insurance companies require an out-of-pocket deductible that is taken out of the covered roof repairs or replacement settlement. Some insurance policies have a higher deductible for a specific cause (such as hurricane or flood) of roof damage. A careful review of your insurance policy reveals the terms of your deductible and coverage limits.

If your roof recently suffered damage, contact a licensed roofing company that is a certified inspector before reaching out to your insurance provider. A reputable roofing contractor will carefully document the extent of damage and provide you with the information you need to speak with your insurance agent knowledgeably. You are not required to first contact your insurance provider after experiencing damage to your home.

Once you file a claim with your insurance company, an adjuster will be dispatched to assess the damage to your roof. Having your Haag Certified roofing contractor present when the adjuster assesses your home is crucial to protect your interests. If any questions arise or the adjuster asks you about something you don’t understand, your roofing contractor can answer any questions or clarify any misunderstandings.

Assuming your insurance provider approves a roof repair or replacement following the adjuster’s inspection, your roofing company works closely with your insurance provider to ensure everything is addressed. Your roofing contractor then performs the work. As the work is completed, your insurance provider disburses funds for your roofing contractor’s work. Finally, all required inspections are completed.

Expertly Guiding Homeowners
Through The Insurance Claim Process

If your home’s roof has been devastated by fire, wind, or hail, contact Titan Roofing immediately. Our caring team will ally with you to assess the situation promptly and offer our expert guidance about renovating your roof. We also take immediate intervening steps to mitigate further interior damage to your home.

When working with your insurance company and the adjuster, our experienced claims specialist will assist you and advocate on your behalf to see that your roof is restored fully and that you collect everything you are entitled to receive through your insurance company. With Titan Roofing in your corner, your complete satisfaction is our priority.